We just go our real domain pointed to our VPS with Magento 2.1 on it.

Before: dev.domain.com

Now: www.domain.com

The shop is working more or less ok with a few hiccups.

We have already changed the base_url and the secure_base_url.

I can't login into the admin area anymore without any error message.

Nothing on the login page - I'm just being returned to the login.

Nothing in system, exception or debug.log.

I already found this one here:

SOLVED - Magento 2 - Unable to login to admin (no error message) stuck at login screen

but I don't have "cookie" at all in core_config_data.

Until yesterday, I never had any problems to login to the admin area with the subdomain dev.domain.com

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Try incognito mode, I have something similar happen on my dev sites and I know its with cookies but never quite pinpointed it.

If that works maybe clear cookies for the old domain.

Also, I think this is a reason to use www. in your Magento domains because otherwise the cookies get shared in some way that doesn't work with these kinds of set ups.


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