So, I have a js file from an extension, that I need to override

the path is: app/code/MyExtension/MyExtensionSubfolder/view/frontend/web/js/script.js

Where should I put the new JS file so that it will override script.js from above? And what else is necessary for this to work?

If I want to override a .phtml file from this extension, is simple. Create a new folder in app/code/design/frontend/Venustheme/kasitoo with the name combined MyExtension_MyExtensionSubfolder and then follow the path from an extension and put here the phtml and it works.

But for js file from example if I create a new js file called script.js to the path app/code/design/frontend/Venustheme/kasitoo/MyExtension_MyExtensionSubfolder/web/js/script.js is not working.

So the question is where should I put my new JS file with the modifications I made, that will override the script.js from the extension. Because if I made the changes directly in the extension, after the first update of the extension, I will lose those changes.

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I thought that would have worked, have you run php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy or however you are currently managing symlinks? Also clear browser cache and delete pub/static/frontend. See this answer for more info.

 If that still doesn't work:

If that still doesn't work you can use the Require JS config to do this.

Create or modify app/design/frontend/yourStore/yourTheme/requirejs-config.js

var config = {
  "map": {
    "*": {
      "oldScriptAliasOrPath": "newScriptAliasOrPath",
      "MyExtension_MyExtensionSubfolder/js/script": "js/myExtensionCustom/script",

First one is a generic example and the second one is using your file as an example. Using this method means your JS file would be placed in app/design/frontend/yourStore/yourTheme/web/js/myExtensionCustom/script.js.

I've done it that way based off the dev docs example, I hope you will be able to do this and keep the JS file in the same file structure but I'm not sure how.

Using "MyExtension_MyExtensionSubfolder/js/script": "js/myExtensionCustom/script" may work but I can't test it at the moment.

Related dev docs page - http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.0/javascript-dev-guide/javascript/custom_js.html

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