I have to modify mega menu extension in Magento 1.9. Currently, its showing static block at bottom of category.

image_bottom I want to separate static block identifier name based on some symbol like _ in my custom block code function.

In one of the block folder file below code is written.

const CUSTOM_BLOCK_TEMPLATE = "wp_custom_menu_%d";
 $blockId = sprintf(self::CUSTOM_BLOCK_TEMPLATE, $id); 
 $collection = Mage::getModel('cms/block')->getCollection()
            ->addFieldToFilter('identifier', array(array('like' => $blockId . '_w%'), array('eq' => $blockId)))
            ->addFieldToFilter('is_active', 1);
        $blockId = $collection->getFirstItem()->getIdentifier();

Static block identifier is suggested to be named as wp_custom_menu_HereCatID

What i want is to achieve the name of static block identifer as something like this wp_custom_menu_HereCatId_Right for Right and wp_custom_menu_HereCatId_Bottom for Bottom position

I can use explode, but i want to learn in Magento way as done above.

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You can add custom field to the category where admin can choose bottom or side here you find how to do it . after that you enter to the megamenu plugin and customize the code : if field value = side you add a css class .sideblock to the static block else you add the class .bottomblock all the rest is to create the css of the 2 classes

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