could anyone tell me how can I translate the value "FILTER" for button price in layered navigation?

I have a multilingual site all translated except that label, always appear in English as you can see in the image below.

I tired everything, the inline translation doesn't work, the tranlsate.csv doesn't work too and I can't find the right .phtml file or a js file.

Thanks in advance

enter image description here

  • enable template path hints from admin it will display path of the file – Piyush Oct 4 '17 at 9:54
  1. Check if you have well the translation function in the file of the translated word <?php echo $this->__('Filter')?>

  2. if you can't translate it, you can simply use the inline translation,the translation will be stored in database core_translate table (the hight priority one).

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  • The inline translation for that button doesn't work, rhe translations file are ok, I think I need to find the file in wich the input button value is declarated but I can't find that file – DanMar Oct 5 '17 at 16:33
  • You have to enable the path hints templates to find your file look this: support.magerewards.com/article/… – PЯINCƏ Oct 6 '17 at 8:02

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