i working in my admin form grid page. i want to add a 2nd set of params to my grid action column this is what i tried

$this->addColumn('action', array(
    'header' =>  Mage::helper('testmodule')->__('Action'),
    'width' => '50px',
    'type' => 'action',
     'actions'   => array(
                    'caption'   => Mage::helper('testmodule')->__('Edit'),
                    'url'       => array('base'=> '*/*/edit','test' => 1),
                    'field'     => 'id'

you will notice taht i am trying to add the 2nd set of params to the URL:

'test' => 1

however, it was not added. any advice would be appreciated.

  • you want to add URL with parameter which should be clickable. Right? Oct 3, 2017 at 15:03

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You can add the extra parameters in like this:

'url'       => array('base'=> '*/*/edit/test/1'),

This will be similar to ?test=1. If you wanted to add ?test=1&test2=2 then you could do it like this:

'url'       => array('base'=> '*/*/edit/test/1/test2/2'),

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