I'm writing a if statement in which a button needs to show if the cart is empty. For this button I need to get the form key of the product for the data-url So something like this:

<a href="#" data-url="checkout/cart/add/product/59/form_key/<?php echo Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->getFormKey(); ?>/" class="btn btn-success">Order</a>

As mentioned above I need to wrap this button in an if statement, so something like this:

    $_helper = Mage::helper('checkout/cart');
    if (1 > $_helper->getItemsCount()) {
    echo '<a href="#" data-url="checkout/cart/add/product/59/form_key/<?php echo Mage::getSingleton(\'core/session\')->getFormKey(); ?>/" class="btn btn-success">Order</a>';
    else {

But obviously I can't have php echo within echo. Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to do this?


You can use a dot/period to connect the pieces of your string, like this:

echo '<a href="#" data-url="checkout/cart/add/product/59/form_key/' . Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->getFormKey() . '" class="btn btn-success">Order</a>';
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