I'm working on a new Magento 2 installation with the Porto theme and have noticed that when you first visit the site or have the browser cache disabled you get a lot of of jQuery conflict errors. Below are examples of these errors from both the theme and core Magento2.


(index):394     Uncaught TypeError: $(...).swMegamenu is not a function
dataPost.js:13  Uncaught TypeError: $.widget is not a function

When I look how these jQuery functions are being initiated, I see it's using requireJs correctly to load jQuery.

<script type="text/javascript">
    ], function ($) {


], function($,mageTemplate){

    $.widget('mage.dataPost', {......

I can fix it by adding var $ = jQuery.noConflict(); at the beginning of the function block (but this seems redundant as $ is already passed as a parameter to the function, it works though!)

Also, I can fix it by Merging all JS as suggested in answer to this question.

Merging the JS seems to be a good fix but I'd like to better understand why this is happening and the best approach to solving it.

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I had this issue as well but then I ran across this article: http://www.danjoseph.me/2016/09/16/magento-2-widget-not-function/

In the article he explains that jquery was being loaded a second time on the page and therefore overwriting the version loaded previously by magento. For me it was a marketing script that was also loading jquery for some reason. jQuery should only be loaded once in the head by this tag and all others should be removed.

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" async="" data-requirecontext="_" data-requiremodule="jquery" src="http://seatup.local/pub/static/frontend/Seatup/theme/en_US/jquery.js"></script>

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