I have created a custom theme and added Magento_Checkout, Magento_Theme, Magento_Catalog and Magento_OfflinePayments into it and edited some view files and both the Magento_Checkout & Magento_Theme working perfectly. I can add new files into it or edit and can see the result on the frontend but the other 2 Catalog and Offline Payments not working or getting picked up.

I checked in the view_preprocessed and can see Magento_Checkout, Magento_Theme been created but missing the other two

I run index, cache, setup upgrade, compile, deleted static content redeployed it etc

Would anyone tell me what am I doing wrong

  • Please share your folder structure and files that you added as part of your theme module. – Asrar Sep 30 '17 at 19:38
  • Hello I have created OrangeCo/orange inside app/design/frontend/. And added registration.php , composer.json and theme.xml files for the theme module. Then Magento_Checkout, Magento_Theme, Magento_Catalog and Magento_OfflinePayments created where the checkout and theme is been working but the other two are not been picked up (not showing in view_preprocessed). For example the offline payments I copied over view/frontend/web/template/payment cashondelivery.html – raul Sep 30 '17 at 20:15

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