I have a private client testing server set up and for some reason all the links work except for magento connect. For example.

http://myserver.com/clientname/ (is the root for the Magento installation)

When I click on Magento Connect from the admin panel it redirects to this site http://myserver.com/clientnamedownloader

Now every other module/page seems to work and nothing seems abnormal in my .htaccess file and the correct permissions are setup for the folders.

  • In System > Config > Web are you sure you have the trailing slash on the link URLs? Check your RewriteBase setting in your .htaccess too May 9, 2014 at 7:40

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As mentioned in the comment check what you have under System->Config->Web as the downloader link is built from Mage::getBaseUrl('web')

If you are still having these issues this can be debugged by looking into the controller Mage_Connect_Adminhtml_Extension_LocalController

 * Redirect to Magento Connect
public function indexAction()
    $url = Mage::getBaseUrl('web') . 'downloader/?return=' . urlencode(Mage::getUrl('adminhtml'));

This issues occurred because you don't' have downloader folder in root path. if you have downloader folder on root path then delete connect.cfg files and try again.

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