I would like to get more then one product's attributes options in one query I have my url for one attribute option as follow:


The above I am receiving all the options for size, now the question is:

How do one get attribute options for colour in the same call?

e.g One could do http://magento2.dev/rest/V1/products/attributes/size|colour/options

passing parameters separated by pipe or comma whatever how can one do this in Magento 2?

Thank you in advance.

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I've found out how to get list options I was looking for, it's possible to get attributes groups with array with options like so:


Where 31 is the attribute_group_id of custom attribute group MISC

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    Just to add you need admin rights to access this way
    – MePo
    Commented Feb 20, 2018 at 11:09

Might be a little late but...

The following query returns options of MY_ATTR_CODE_1 and MY_ATTR_CODE_2.

products/attributes?searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][field]=attribute_code&searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][0][value]=MY_ATTR_CODE_1& searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][1][field]=attribute_code&searchCriteria[filterGroups][0][filters][1][value]=MY_ATTR_CODE_2&fields=items[attribute_code,options]

You can add as many attributes as you like this way.


I think Magento2 doesn't allow to pass multiple options in this request. You can use the only one option at a time. You can refer webapi.xml file of catalog module under vendor directory.

You can create custom API for it. Here is an example to create custom REST API in Magento2. https://www.envisionecommerce.com/how-to-use-magento-2-rest-api/

  • Thank you for your suggestion. It seems that Magento API isn't so robust yet Commented Sep 27, 2017 at 13:19
  • Perhaps there is another way what about GET attribute size and colour that belongs to an attribute group like a custom attribute e.g "MISC" then it will have size, colour etc.. and get all options is there way can be done Magento? Commented Sep 27, 2017 at 13:26

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