I using a theme in Magento 2.1.7. In my category page I am having 2-column-left layout with this I am getting this look of my category page given in the


enter image description here

I want this look in my category page given in Image-2

enter image description here

Where I need to change for this? If I am changing in my 1 column page_layout then it is affecting my home page also. Any Help?


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Please refer this link

Please add below code in your Layout Update Xml section of your category settings in admin panel.

 <move element="your.static.block.name" destination="page.top" before="breadcrumbs"/>

Create static block and add image, don't forget to change the element attribute value with the value of your block name.

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I am writing this answer for the proper understanding of layout .xml file & how it is working

Go to the catalog_category_view.xml file in your own theme at the location magento_root\app\design\frontend\Package\themename\Magento_Catalog\layout & add the below code because it is working with the both the below given code

Code 1

<move element="your.static.block.name" destination="page.top" before="-"/>

Code 2

<move element="your.static.block.name" destination="page.top" before="breadcrumbs"/>

Note: If you are not able to see the changes run the below command

php bin/magento cache:flush
  • Make sure whatever changes you wanted put it in last of the .xml file before </page>
  • If you are using a third party theme then for your changes make your custom theme & inherit that third party theme so that you can update your third party theme regularly & easily without trouble

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