What I did

1) Moved bundle folder from rwd to my active custom them template folder.

2) In app/design/frontend/rwd/ysv/layout addedd below code,

<catalog_product_view> // under this 
    <PRODUCT_TYPE_bundle translate="label" module="bundle">
        <reference name="product.info">
            <action method='setTemplate'><template>template/catalog/product/bundle/view.phtml</template></action>

3) Copied view.phtml from

app/design/frontend/rwd/ysv/template/catalog/product to app/design/frontend/rwd/ysv/template/catalog/product/bundle


Still same template is shown for bundle and simple product.

Update: 1

If i Move (as suggested below) <PRODUCT_TYPE_bundle> tag out of <catalog_product_view> tag then view of bundle/view.phtml is loaded (shown when i on Template Path Hints)but except header files and footer files nothing is loaded.

Update 1.1

I tried to replicate a block section in app/design/frontend/rwd/default/template/catalog/catalog.xml

 <PRODUCT_TYPE_bundle translate="label" module="catalog">
        <label>Catalog Product View (Simple)</label>
        <reference name="product.info">
            <block type="catalog/product_view_type_bundle" name="product.info.bundle" as="product_type_data" template="catalog/product/view/type/bundle.phtml">
                <block type="core/text_list" name="product.info.simple.extra" as="product_type_data_extra" translate="label">
                    <label>Product Extra Info</label>
            <block type="catalog/product_view_type_bundle" name="product.info.availability" as="product_type_availability" template="catalog/product/view/type/availability/bundle.phtml" />

still no chagnes.

  • after applying your changes is it coming from your theme or from rwd ? and have you cleared the cache ? – magento noob Sep 26 '17 at 11:17
  • @Piyush its coming from ysv – inrsaurabh Oct 4 '17 at 12:25

You have to set maddy as current theme from admin instead of ysv to load your layout under rwd/maddy theme unless maddy is the parent theme of ysv


Move your <PRODUCT_TYPE_bundle> tag out of <catalog_product_view> tag

Also the change below code

<action method='setTemplate'><template>template/catalog/product/bundle/view.phtml</template></action>

To this

<action method='setTemplate'><template>catalog/product/bundle/view.phtml</template></action>
  • that was my mistake actually it has to be ysv – inrsaurabh Sep 28 '17 at 11:29
  • still issues are same – inrsaurabh Sep 28 '17 at 11:29
  • If i move <PRODUCT_TYPE_bundle> tag out of <catalog_product_view> tag . bundle/view.phtml template is loaded but except header and footer, nothing else populated. – inrsaurabh Oct 4 '17 at 12:04
  • if content area is not populated your template may not exist at the given path – Piyush Oct 4 '17 at 13:14
  • Hello sir, after changes in catalog.xml view of the bundle is loaded.I will update my post once i reach to office – inrsaurabh Oct 5 '17 at 5:27

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