i created a file called breakpoint.less in pub\static\frontend\vendor\themename\en_US\css\source and it produces the output as breakpoint.css in pub\static\frontend\vendor\themename\en_US\css\source is it a correct way to create a custom less file in Magento 2.

can anyone help me and please explain the correct way to override the theme stylesheet

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You are doing is not correct way. Don't work on pub folder.

How to create CSS and already lot of ans here.

I will provide some helpful link here. Hope it will helpful for you.

For Reference :

How to add new breakpoint in magento 2?

How to add a custom CSS file in Magento 2

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You should have "Your/Theme" directory in app/design dir

and add default.xml layout for Magento_Theme module with <head> section where put the <css src="your/stylesheet.css">

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