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I need your help in Magento 2 Checkout page customization. I am writing down simple explanation so that I can get help from you guys.

Requirements: I needed to add new Checkout Step 'Cart' which was supposed to have Checkout Cart Item table and Summary.

Implementation: I have added a new step in the checkout page which has a 'Next' button to go to the next step which is 'Shipping'. I want to add the content below in the step.

Problem: I need to display the checkout cart under the New Custom Step. enter image description here

checkou-cart.html ->


         <!-- I want to add the cart items table here  -->

        <form data-bind="submit: navigateToNextStep" novalidate="novalidate">
            <div class="actions-toolbar">
                <div class="primary">
                    <button data-role="opc-continue" type="submit" class="button action continue primary">
                        <span><!-- ko i18n: 'Next'--><!-- /ko --></span>


I have also created mixins.

Question: Please help me how to Add the Cart in the checkout step.

Any way of doing this?

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