Is it possible to create a product with different colors where each different color points to the same stock?

For example, I have created a configurable product with a color attribute. After creating the configurable product I create a couple of associated simple products for a few different colors. Instead of having each color have it’s own product qty / stock, I want all the colors to share the same stock.

So for example the configurable product is a lamp. The associated simple products are lamp green, lamp red etc. I want to tell Magento that the lamp product has 10 in stock. So when someone buys a lamp red, it will tell me there are only 9 lamps left in stock regardless of the color. Is this possible?

The way I have it now is that each associated simple product has it’s own stock, but this is not what I want in my case.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I don't think that this is possible out of Magento standard.

You could try to detect a stock change on a child item and then change the stock of all other child items accordingly.

A point to start can be the event cataloginventory_stock_item_save_after.

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