these days I've faced a problem: I needed to to sort products by sales. So, first of all I decided to add this field to collection of products and the order it using method $collection->setOrder().

So, here is my solution:

$collection = $this->_productCollection->create()
        array('store_id' => $this->_storeManager->getStore()->getId()),

I've posted it cause I think it would be helpful for you. And also I am not sure that it is the best solution.

Maybe someone know better solutions?

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    Is sales_bestsellers_aggregated_yearly the default aggregated table to be used? Because there are also other tables such as daily and monthly. Mar 5, 2019 at 8:17

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In my case I have adapted it a little bit:

    'product_id=entity_id', [
        'store_id' => $storeId,
        'period' => date('Y')."-01-01"

Removed addAttributeToSelect as I don't see if it is required.

Added 'period' => date('Y')."-01-01" because that table will duplicate the products every year and if you don't specify the current year, you'll get duplicated rows and Magento will throw an error such as:

Item (Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Interceptor) with the same ID "20" already exists.

This is not great neither, as you'll start from scratch with the stats every year.

Probably a better solution would be to create a new table based on sales_bestsellers_aggregated_yearly, like, sales_bestsellers_all_time and have a cron job to update that table regularly.

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