I have created custom module , in which I have created front end template form using knockout js. In form I have created a select box. I want selected option value in form post method and save that value in data base.

Below is my code in html template.

       <select data-bind="
                  optionsValue: 'value',
                    optionsText: 'label',
                    optgroup: [{
                        label: 'Prefix',
                        value: [{
                            label: 'Mr',
                            value: 'Mr'
                        }, {
                            label: 'Mrs',
                            value: 'Mrs'
                        }, {
                            label: 'Miss',
                            value: 'Miss'


If any one has did this , please help me.


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I got it's solution . change selectbox code in html template.

    <select name=" prefix" id="prefix" data-bind="value: selectedValue">
       <option value="Mr">Mr.</option>
       <option value="Mrs">Mrs.</option>
       <option value="Miss">Miss.</option>
       <option value="Master">Master.</option>

In js file get value using : this.selectedValue = ko.observable();

Thanks :)

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