I am trying to fetch all the orders and customer from Magento 2 to my python based application. But I am not able to get any API to use in Python.

Anyone who has used Magento 2 SOAP API in python, please let me know.

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Certainly! Using Magento 2's SOAP API from Python can be done using the zeep library, which is a SOAP client for Python. Below is a step-by-step guide to fetch all the orders and customers from Magento 2 to your Python-based application using the SOAP API:


  1. Install the zeep library using pip:
pip install zeep
  1. Ensure that you have set up API access in your Magento 2 instance and have the API key.


  1. Setting up a SOAP client:
from zeep import Client

WSDL_URL = "http://YOUR_MAGENTO_DOMAIN/soap/default?wsdl&services=integrationAdminTokenServiceV1"
client = Client(WSDL_URL)
  1. Retrieve the API Token: Replace YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_PASSWORD with your API credentials from Magento.
credentials = {
    "username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
    "password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"
token = client.service.integrationAdminTokenServiceV1CreateAdminAccessToken(**credentials)
  1. Fetch Customers: Now, create a new client for the customerCustomerRepositoryV1 service and fetch the customers.
CUSTOMER_WSDL_URL = "http://YOUR_MAGENTO_DOMAIN/soap/default?wsdl&services=customerCustomerRepositoryV1"
customer_client = Client(CUSTOMER_WSDL_URL)

# Set the required headers for the session
session_headers = {
    "Authorization": f"Bearer {token}"

# Fetch customers
customers = customer_client.service.customerCustomerRepositoryV1GetList()

  1. Fetch Orders: Similarly, create a client for the salesOrderRepositoryV1 service and fetch the orders.
ORDER_WSDL_URL = "http://YOUR_MAGENTO_DOMAIN/soap/default?wsdl&services=salesOrderRepositoryV1"
order_client = Client(ORDER_WSDL_URL)

# Set the required headers for the session

# Fetch orders
orders = order_client.service.salesOrderRepositoryV1GetList()


Note: Make sure to replace YOUR_MAGENTO_DOMAIN, YOUR_USERNAME, and YOUR_PASSWORD with appropriate values. Also, handle potential exceptions and add error checking as needed.

This should help you get started with using the Magento 2 SOAP API from Python. Depending on your specific requirements, you might need to adjust the above code or use other available SOAP services provided by Magento 2.

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