I got this error in my Magento admin panel login page and I don't know what's the issue.

Login page

  • Definitely something to do with Captcha. Did you make any changes to the configuration lately?
    – Steven J
    Sep 18, 2017 at 16:24
  • No, we didn't. Over the weekend. And when we try to open today that's the error.
    – Lester
    Sep 18, 2017 at 16:43

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Try to reset your file Mage_Captcha.xml, so try to set the permissions on the folders with these commands:

sudo find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
sudo find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;
sudo chmod 777 -R app/etc/;
sudo chmod 777 -R var/;
sudo chmod 777 -R media/;
  • also clear your cache and cookies for the site. you may be able to temporarily disable Captcha by editing your Mage_Captcha.xml file in app/etc/modules from true to false
    – Steven J
    Sep 18, 2017 at 16:49

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