I am trying to extend the following module: https://github.com/magespecialist/m2-MSP_CashOnDelivery (version 1.2.6).

That module adds a custom payment method (cash on delivery) and optionally adds a fee to the quote.

What I am trying to get is the correct tax applied to the fee. Totals are ok, but tax totals are not ok. I would expect a new row in the sales_order_tax_item table, but there isn't.

I suppose that it would be involved in the Magento\Tax\Model\Sales\Total\Quote\Tax::processExtraTaxables() method.

How can I declare the fee tax in a way that Magento would pick it up and add it to tax calculation?

  • Did you manage to solve it yourself? I have a similar problem.
    – Ravinder
    Apr 29 '19 at 5:53

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