I have override contact module and changed email type from text to html by following this link.

I want to show same header and footer in contact email also. When I check the preview of the template in the admin panel, it is showing fine, but when email goes to particular email, header and footer in the email are not showing.

I have checked many other threads for header and footer not loading in the custom email in Magento 2, but none of those worked for me.

I have also tried to copy and paste HTML of header and footer into contact email template, but there was no luck.

Please help me to solve this issue.

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Although this is not a proper solution; after too much debugging, I fixed the issue by the below process:

  • Create a new template for Contact Us email from Marketing > Email Templates.
  • Check the preview of the template and open page source of the template preview page.
  • Copy HTML source of the portion in which email template content is being shown.
  • Put the copied source into email template and replace the dynamic content with respective variables again.
  • Save the template and apply it from Stores > Configuration > General (Contacts) > Email Options.

Now try it from the frontend. I hope it would help you also.

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