Is it possible to just fill the shipping address fields with my own values?

For example: I want city field to be filled with My City when an event occurs on the checkout page. I know the checkout page uses Knockout JS that but I haven't figured out how to pass values to the fields themselves.

So far I have jquery running on the checkout page but writing code like:

$('input[name="shippingAddress.city"]').val("My city");

This does not work.

I appreciate any help that anyone can give.


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Yes, It is possible. It works fine in my case.

require(['jquery'], function($){

    var onDomIsRendered = function(domString) {
          return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
            function waitUntil() {
              setTimeout(function() {
                if($(domString).length > 0){
                }else {
              }, 4000);
            //start the loop

            $('[name="city"]').val('My city');

Because Shipping address from update value by event keyup so you can try:

$('input[name="shippingAddress.city"]').val("My city").keyup();

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