My magento2.1 store (production mode) was working properly, but after run setup:upgrade commands frontend console showing 404 error for core js file.

I also executed static content deploy commands but still issue persist.

Please suggest how to resolve this?


Console showing below errors :

enter image description here

And in system.log errors are :

main.CRITICAL: Directory "/public_html/pub/static/_requirejs/frontend/Smartwave/porto_child/en_US/secure" cannot be created Warning!mkdir(): Permission denied [] []
main.CRITICAL: Block requirejs-config throws exception and cannot be rendered. [] []
  • can you please post your error which you get it in Log file? – Abhishek Panchal Sep 13 '17 at 15:44
  • Please check my edit question. – Vinaya Maheshwari Sep 14 '17 at 3:46

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