I need to get the special price of a product by product Id or Sku. Let's say I have an existing product with Id '21' and Sku 'test-21'.

This information is provided in my custom block class, how can I get the special price of this product in mentioned custom class?


Use \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository class to get the special price of the product

protected $_productRepository;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository $productRepository,
) {
    $this->_productRepository = $productRepository;

public function getSpecialPriceById($id)
    //$id = '21'; //Product ID
    $product = $this->_productRepository->getById($id);
    return $product->getSpecialPrice();

public function getSpecialPriceBySku($sku)
    //$sku = 'test-21'; //Product Sku
    $product = $this->_productRepository->get($sku);
    return $product->getSpecialPrice();

Now you can get special price by

$id = '21';
$sku = 'test-21';
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  • How to get special price of configurable product? – Chirag Patel Jan 11 '19 at 13:49

use Magento/Catalog/Model/ProductFactory to load product, and get price information from the model

Code is like:

$specialPrice = $this->productFactory()->create()->load($id)->getPriceInfo()->getPrice('special_price');

some reference about how to get product model in your custom module

use object manager: http://alanstorm.com/magento_2_object_manager_instance_objects/

use dependency injection: http://www.coolryan.com/magento/2016/01/27/dependency-injection-in-magento-2/

Normally dependency injection is recommended.

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  • I am using Magento 2.1.7 and there is no class named ProductFactory under 'Magento/Catalog/Model/ProductFactory'. Can not find this class at '\vendor\magento\module-catalog\Model' – Blackpanther0001 Sep 12 '17 at 20:49
  • Factory class are automatically created by magento, so if you have a model like /vendor/magento/module_catalog/Model/Product, then you can call ProductFactory directly without creating actual class file. – Tomi Sep 13 '17 at 2:12
  • $this->productFactory()->create() will return the model Magento/Catalog/Model/Product – Tomi Sep 13 '17 at 2:13

Here I am sharing the script to get the configurable product with special price.

magento2 SQL Query get special price for the configurable product with associated products:-

SELECT e.sku,e.type_id, d1.value as price, d2.value as special_price from catalog_product_entity e LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_decimal d1 ON e.entity_id = d1.entity_id
AND d1.store_id = 0
AND d1.attribute_id =75
LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity_decimal d2 ON e.entity_id = d2.entity_id
AND d2.store_id = 0
AND d2.attribute_id =76
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  • why give you eav attribute id hardcode ? – HaFiz Umer Nov 12 '19 at 6:37

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