I wanted to remove the images so I resized the images in Magento luma view.xml as images <width>0</width> and same for height everywhere and true values as all false.

Now it is perfect for me and kept no image in Placeholder image at admin so that default image.jpg of 262x262 is picked every time when the product is clicked and product image displayed.

Now in 2.1.8 which is running on web host server, I overwrite the 262x262 default placeholder image.jpg with another one of same 262x262 but image is not displaying aligned and as perfect as it was on fresh installation..it is showing misaligned, little below the actual placeholder position.

To verify if issue is with web host, I checked with 2.1.7 installed at localhost of local computer and there default placeholder image was showing correct, at the right position and aligned.

I don't know what's going wrong with 2.1.8.

Also I revert the changes in 2.1.8 to default but still placeholder image showing incorrect position even after clearing Magento cache, reindexing and clear browser image.

I haven't change any value in any file other than view.xml.

Please refer the images attached here, need help. Main issue in 2.1.8

Displaying Correct on local computer /localhost 2.1.7

[![Changes done in 2.1.8 view.xml][3]][3]

[![Changes done in 2.1.8 view.xml][4]][4]

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