How do I change magento 2 minisearch logic from OR to AND? Right now if I search for 'Shoe laces', it returns all products with terms either 'shoe' or 'laces'. I need fulltext search, so that only product with full term 'Shoe laces' are returned. How do I achieve this?

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I found the solution , create a file search_request.xml in your module's etc folder ,

copy the entire node from vendor/Magento/CatalogSearch/etc/search_request.xml

and change

<queryReference clause="should" ref="search" />

to this

<queryReference clause="must" ref="search" />

do not forget to add sequence in your module file.

in case you installed your module and added after that, just change your module version and run setup:upgrade again , thanks

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  • Please read your answer after posting it. The code samples haven't been visible. I changed that now. – Andreas von Studnitz Jun 21 '18 at 14:17
  • Please check this link eddiemay.me.uk/2019/06/20/magento-2-and-or-search-operators – lavb Feb 20 at 17:26
  • Hi, I followed this and now the search synonyms are not working. If I add synonyms: read,rid then searching read or rid comes up with no result. Please help.! – ishu Feb 25 at 6:29

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