I have create an owl carousel with code below

                "items" : 1,
                "responsive": false,
                "autoPlay": 2000,
                "loop": false,
                "rewind": false,
                "nav": true,
                "navText": ["<", ">"],
                "dots": true

and this is output html:

<div class="owl-carousel">
 <div class="owl-wrapper-outer">
   <div class="owl-wrapper">
     <div class="owl-item"></div>
     <div class="owl-item"></div>
     <div class="owl-item"></div>

when I change to mobile mode. I destroy the owl carousel with code below:


But it is not destroy. Is there any wrong in my code? or what is the correct way to destroy owl carousel?

  • You don't want responsive owl carousel ? May 23, 2018 at 4:04

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Try following code:

  • This code will work with latest owl version (from 2.1.6)
    – Wolf
    May 23, 2018 at 3:26

and what if we want to save Options before destroying courosel so we can use it at the time of reinitialisation. i tried $('.owl-carousel').owlCarousel().Options() but it doesn't work.

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