I have created a custom attribute(multiselect) for product with the same filter type as category selection on Magento 2. Attribute selection is working fine when creating a new product however it is not working on edit form. I have noticed below error from knockout js on console.

knockout.js:1449 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined at Function.ko.observableArray.fn.(anonymous function) [as push]

Also I have attached the screenshots of the error I am facing. Add productError

A help to fix this issue would be much appreciated.

  • any luck? i had the same after magento upgrade 2.2.2 – Antonio Pedicini Dec 28 '17 at 14:14

The reason this probably fails is because you are retrieving data from database as a string.

You should edit your DataProvider ( Namespace/Module/Model/Test/DataProvider.php ) and change the getData() method with something like

foreach ($items as $test) {
    $this->loadedData[$test->getId()] = $test->getData();
    $customAttributes = ['Test1', 'Test2']; // here you should do your own retrieving of data from the database
    $this->loadedData[$test->getId()]['custom_attribute'] = $customAttributes;
    return $this->loadedData;

This did the trick for me because I add the multiselect in a UI component that relies on a DataProvider.

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