I am facing issue for order data(prices) not showing correct in reports grid Reports > Sales > Orders for particular store. all other stores having correct data.

I have selected specific store, data range and click on Show Report button. Order reports grid is showing correct order count but all records having 0 prices.

It is showing correct prices in order grid Sales > Order.

I am having multi website + multi store website. My all stores are showing correct data(all prices) but all prices for one store is showing price 0 always.

I have checked that order table sales_flat_order is having correct data, but order reports table sales_order_aggregated_created and sales_order_aggregated_updated are having price 0.

Table: sales_flat_order: enter image description here

Table: sales_order_aggregated_created: enter image description here

So, as per database, Order is having correct data but reports tables don't have correct data.

I have refreshed lifttime statics every time. it generates new entries but having wrong value for one store.

I have checked Mage_Sales_Model_Resource_Report_Order_Createdat::_aggregateByField method and logged queries, after that I have run that queries to database. It is shoving 0 price for all.

That means There is something wrong when data fetch from order table and add it to reports table.

Can anyone guide me how can I debug it?


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There was issue with store currency setup. I have marked that base_to_global_rate filed of table sales_flat_order is having 0 always.

This is because currency setup in admin system->manage currency->rates was not correct for that store.


There should be both currency selected in Admin > System > Configuration > Currency Setup > Allowed Currency for multi currency store.

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