does anyone know a way or extension for Magento2 that would achieve the following for configurable products and tier prices when added to the cart...

Tshirt sold in Blue, Green, Red

100 Tshirts = £1.50

200 Tshirts = £1.00

300 Tshirts = £0.50

Separately add 100 Blue Tshirts, 100 Green Tshirts, 100 Red Tshirts to the cart

Unit price of each item in the cart should be £0.50 (to reflect tier price) and not £1.50

Cart price rules and manual discounts are not feasible as there are too many tier prices and hundreds of products that this applies to.

Thanks for any help

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    Similar to this extension but for Magento 2.1 github.com/customgento/CustomGento_ConfigurableTierPrices Sep 6, 2017 at 14:24
  • We currently develop our extension for 2.2. It will be a paid extension though. I will post an answer here as soon as we are live.
    – Simon
    Nov 20, 2017 at 9:54

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You explicitly named our free extension tier price for configurable products (M1). We finally managed to develop the same extension for Magento 2. As written in the comments, tier price for configurable products (M2) is a paid extension though. The M2 version basically works like the M1 version, but has some extra features:

  • tier price calculation across multiple variations
  • updated calculation can be disabled for each configurable product
  • updated calculation can be disabled for each category
  • [new] tier price calculation type can be configured:
    • use the highest tier price
    • use the lowest tier price
    • use the tier price of the respective product

You can find some screenshots on our docs page.

Mind that the extension only works for Magento >= 2.2 since some serious configurable product bugs have been fixed in this version. But if you still use Magento 2.1, you should upgrade anyway :-)

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