When I go to the Checkout on 2 different devices, I get different console errors.

On a DELL laptop I get the error on domain.com/checkout:

  • $.widget is not a function (dataPost.min.js)
  • Cannot read property of 'timepicker' of undefined

On an ASUS laptop I only get the following error in on domain.com/checkout:

  • Cannot read property of 'timepicker' of undefined

I use the same browser on both laptops. On the DELL laptop the checkout keeps showing the loading icon without any change. On the ASUS laptop the checkout works fine.

I use chrome 60 on both laptops.

I already tried merging, minifying and bundling javascript files.

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Check your script whether you have added any js file manually like For example,

require(['jquery','mage/cookies','domReady!'], function($){

Before adding mage/cookies here, check the head tag(In browser by clicking F12) whether its already there.


Its due to some Javascript Conflict.

Please check whether you manually added any script link or more specific any other 'jquery.js' link.


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