I will try to explain as much as I can.

Take note:

We use the website as a view site only and no checkout is complete with the website. We use magento because it give us good module and easy configuration.

Here is our problem:

We already use magento 1 with our website and we want to upgrade for magento 2.

In magento 1, we have 1 store and 3 language (french - Canada | English - Canada | English - USA ), As for now the customer price is in CAD for Canada and in USD for USA.

Here is our configuration:

In the price section, we have an attribute that we can change currency depend on the product if we buy in USA or CAD and we choose the good one. When we have choose the good currency, we insert the base price and we have a third attribute, price.

So here is the configuration:

Base price currency -> USD or CAD Base price -> Customer pricing Price -> The base price changing with currency that we have choose

The default currency for our store is CAD, so when we choose CAD in the base price currency, the price will show same price as no change have been done, but when the base price currency is in USD, the price will be change with the day currency and will be auto updated each time magento currency will do.

Can someone help me to have this working with Magento 2 please?

It is an extension for Magento 1 and the company that have made this does not exist anymore.

Thanks in advance!


In Magento 2, the currency that customers use to checkout is still base currency. Therefore, in your case, if base currency is CAD, no matter which store view customers buy product with different display currencies, they still have to pay with CAD. For example, a customer buys products in English - USA store view with base prices displayed under currency as USD, they will checkout by CAD in the end, not USD.

Hence, Magento does not support your wanted thing like the attribute you have in Magento 1. If you want customers in each store view to pay by the currency of that store view, you can see an extension like: Checkout with Display Currency.

It can allow your customers in French store view to pay by CAD, ones in English- USA to pay in USD while base currency is still CAD.

  • Hi Jameslj and thanks for your reply, I already take a look for this module Checkout with display currency, unfortunaly, it does not do the job. Just to let you and other know, we use the website as a view only and no order is made because all Customer want to see Equipment before and pay by wire transfer, so we don't use checkout the module is unusable for us. I will try to explain more easily, we buy product from canada and USA, we buy after the Customer have pay the Equipment so we never know in advance our base price because exchange rate always change, it is why we need it in backend. – westh Sep 6 '17 at 12:47
  • Does anybody have a suggestion? – westh Sep 21 '17 at 16:26

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