I'm trying to create a custom report using the guide here...

Creating new completely custom report

I created it EXACTLY as described. The new report shows up in the dropdown for Reports as it should, but I only get a blank page (besides the header and footer). Even if there wasn't any data for the report, I think I should still get a empty grid.

I added logging to all the functions in all the files under Block directory, but nothing is getting logged. Example, in Mycompany_Mymodule_Block_Adminhtml_Mymodule_Grid

public function __construct() {
    Mage::log("construct()", null, 'Mymodule.log');

Not sure where to go to even begin debugging this.

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Found my problem and it was me being stupid. Thought I had all cache turned off, but Blocks HTML output was still enabled. Flushed Magento Cache and everything started working.

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