I have successfully translated Magento 2 by following this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtVperaeOac

The translation pack that I downloaded was not perfect but a good start and I have added translation strings to the csv file that I uploaded under /applications/mvjskrbmgy/public_html/app/i18n/myname/sv_se and it have worked as soon as I have reindexed and flushed the cache.

However I cant find some of the untranslated strings in the file and I wonder if there is a way to identify the specific string. I know I can use inline translation but when I have done that in the past it often leads to other strings malfunction, I dont know why and would love to know about the difference between inline translation and translating by using the csv file. I know that inline translation only works for the current storeview but is there any other difference?

An example of a string that I cant find in the translation csv file is the label "Details" of the product page. See image. How can I identify that string?

enter image description here

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For this case i recommend to translate inline in:

Store > Configuration > advanced > Developer Translate Inline

Enable For storefront Yes.

Now flush the cache and go to the view, you can see a red square, click there and translate

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