I'm developing a module on a vanilla install of CE I'm trying to write to a custom log file inside the module's observer. The log file is created but remains empty no matter what. Here's my code:



And the Observer:


class My_Module_Model_Observer
    public function observeSummin( $observer ) {
        if ( !$this->_isEnabled ) {
            Mage::log( 'is-enabled, 1: ', 'no', 'my_module.log', true );

        Mage::log( 'is-enabled, 1: ', 'yes', 'my_module.log', true );

        $quoteItem = $observer->getEvent()->getQuoteItem();

        if ( $this->cartQualifies() ) {
            if ( $quoteItem ) {
                Mage::log( 'cart-qualifies, 1: ', 'yes', 'my_module.log', true );
        } else {
            Mage::log( 'cart-qualifies, 1: ', 'no', 'my_module.log', true );


As you can see, I've just dumped loads of log instances to catch any conditions. Apart from the checkout_cart_product_add_after event, I've also tried hooking into the sales_quote_add_item and checkout_cart_save_after events, with the same results.

If I introduce an intentional code error in the observer, the error log catches it, otherwise, there are none. I've also tried to use Mage::log without the file parameter, but nothing is written to system.log.

The entire var/ folder is chmod 777 and logging is enabled in system config.

I'm lost as to why it's not logging - other Magento events are being logged in system and exception. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

  • have you enable from backend ?
    – Keyul Shah
    Commented May 1, 2014 at 16:07
  • 2
    @KeyulShah The boolean true as the fourth param overrides configuration setting.
    – benmarks
    Commented May 1, 2014 at 16:09

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Perhaps you mean to concatenate the first two arguments (. instead of ,)? In any event, your second argument is being filtered out by the Zend_Log component.

Look at the Mage::log() definition:

public static function log($message, $level = null, $file = '', $forceLog = false)
    $level  = is_null($level) ? Zend_Log::DEBUG : $level;

According to this use of Zend_Log, your second argument need to be an integer between 0 and 7; best to use the constants though:

class Zend_Log
    const EMERG   = 0;  // Emergency: system is unusable
    const ALERT   = 1;  // Alert: action must be taken immediately
    const CRIT    = 2;  // Critical: critical conditions
    const ERR     = 3;  // Error: error conditions
    const WARN    = 4;  // Warning: warning conditions
    const NOTICE  = 5;  // Notice: normal but significant condition
    const INFO    = 6;  // Informational: informational messages
    const DEBUG   = 7;  // Debug: debug messages
  • (slaps forehead) Thx Ben, this is working: Mage::log( 'cart-qualifies: ', null, 'my_module.log', true );
    – Jongosi
    Commented May 1, 2014 at 19:49

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