However my custom Payment method show credit card options but not functional neither show CVV option and Dropdown for years and months. Help me?

Here is the screenshotenter image description here

Here is the console error enter image description here

  • Did anyone understand the question or i need to elaborate a bit more? – sanjay chopra Sep 1 '17 at 5:18

Got an answer for my query, so i am going to share it here. Actually what i have done is duplicate the authorize.net module to create my own custom payment method, in this process i have missed some crucial naming convention in DI.XML file of front-end.

  1. Magento\Payment\Model\CcGenericConfigProvider (item name should be different)

  2. Magento\Payment\Model\IframeConfigProvider (virtual type name should be different)

These two points are responsible for populating credit card form accurately in front-end. for more information you can ask in comment here.

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