I want to display a Red or Green button to my customers of our shop stocks. We have 2 attributes where we have this information (it's not a store qty stock). It are 2 similar text attributes.

I have tried this code, but it gives me an error:

if ($_product->getvoorraaduden ()):
    if($_product == '' || $_product <= 'onbekend'):
        echo $this->__('onbekend of niets');
    elseif($_product == '0'):
        echo 'Niet op voorraad';
        echo 'voldoende voorraad';

I hope you can help me please.


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I don't exactly understand what you want to do with your two attributes, but i'll give you an idea !

First, i edited your code and you forgot to close your endif; tag.

Second, check if you get well your attribute var_dump($_product->getVoorraaduden()); nb: there is no space before () and getVoorraaduden() instead of getvoorraaduden() if your attribute is called voorraa_duden so it comes $_product->getVoorraaDuden() did you understand the trick ? ;)

Finally, check this config of your attribute, admin->manage attributes->Used in Product Listing-> set it to Yes then reindex all.

Now you do something like this :

if ($_product->getVoorraaduden()) :
    if ($_product->getVoorraaduden() == 'Niet op voorraad'): //here we compare with the attribute value
        echo $this->__('Niet op voorraad');
    elseif($_product->getVoorraaduden() == 'voldoende voorraad'):
        echo $this->__('voldoende voorraad');

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