We are migrating a project, after migrating code to new server, at the cart page the product removing is not working (

when i remove the uenc from the URL it removes the product(,

what is the cause producing this issue, what is the use/need of uenc parameter,?


Please refer to this.




redirect has not encoded url.


UENC stands for "URL encoded". If you take the encoded string and base64 decode it, then you will see the actual result.

So "aHR0cDovLzM1LjE4NS4xOTAuMTkyL2NoZWNrb3V0L2NhcnQv" is the encoded string of ""

You can decode the string on sites like this.

More infos can be found here, or google "What is UENC ?" If the link dies one day.

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