I Want to show the number of COD and prepaid orders on vendor panel dashboard. Can any body please help me how to do it and code for the same. I am using ced commerce marketplace extension.

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You can the order collection by and then add filter to get the desired collection than from the collection you can get the count.

$collection = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->getCollection()
        array('payment' => 'sales/order_payment'),
        array('payment_method' => 'payment.method')

then you can add filter

$collection->addFieldToFilter('payment.method', array(array('nlike' => 'paypal')))
->addFieldToFilter('state', array(array('like' => 'processing')));


$collection->addFieldToFilter('payment.method', array('neq' => 'paypal'))
->addFieldToFilter('state', 'processing')

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