I use a custom model with it's own Factory.

In my helper in the construct

public function __construct(

\Company\Module\Model\ResourceModel\Communication\CollectionFactory $communicationFactory

$this->_communicationFactory = $communicationFactory;

return parent::__construct($context);


I created the first registry and saved it with

$communication = $this->_communicationFactory->create();

And after adding some data


By the time I created the first one, there was no problem, everything ok. But when I try to create another one the instance of the model has already loaded the data from the first one, and I get this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Company\ModuleName\Model\ResourceModel\Communication\Collection::setStatus() in /Users/Username/projects/htdocs/example.com/htdocs/extensions/company/module-modulename/Helper/Data.php:414

Anyone knows why?

  • can you please paste your entire helper code for better understanding? Aug 24, 2017 at 14:22

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I have solved it by changing the path in the construct

This is how it should be done:

\Company\ModuleName\Model\CommunicationFactory                          $communicationFactory,

Before I was getting a instance of the collection, now I'm getting an instance of the single object.

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