I'd create a HTML document with a script tag and add this URL

<script src ="https://assets.pagar.me/pagarme-js/3.0/pagarme.min.js"></script>

so, call the global variable pagarme in console browser.

I got this response:

{client: {…}, postback: {…}, company: {…}, validate: ƒ, search: ƒ, …}

But in Magento 2, I always receive error messages.

Below some files with my configuration:


var config = {
    map: {
        '*': {
            pagarmeJs: 'https://assets.pagar.me/pagarme-js/3.0/pagarme.min.js'
    shim: {
        "pagarmeJs": {
            exports: "pagarme"

jsFileWithTheCallingCode.js - first try

    ['pagarmeJs'],function (pagarme) {...})

jsFileWithTheCallingCode.js - second try

    ['pagarmeJs'],function () {...})

As mentioned above, if I try to insert the pagarme variable on the console or use inside the require function I always get error messages.

Can anyone help me?

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Got it!

Simply I use the code bellow in requirejs-config.js

var config = {
    paths: {
        pagarme: 'https://assets.pagar.me/pagarme-js/3.0/pagarme.min'

And the global variable works!

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