I have just been fixing with the formkey code into my Theme's billing and shipping code pages. That has mostly restored the functionality with respect to those with Form Key security turned on.

However, the Update Quantity functionality is broken. Entering a new Qty fails to change it to the new value. This is on the main Cart page


The Update Qty feature on the Basket Pull down (top right), does work properly.

Hope you can help.


  • This is broken at the top level of the store also. Adding more than 1 item fails. Quantity stays at 1 Commented Aug 23, 2017 at 15:32

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I had two issues:

  1. Needed to add

    varien/product_options.js to catalogue.xml in the theme (in all three labels)

  2. Needed to set non-secure base url also as https: to avoid mixed content.


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