Does anyone know how the following commands would be translated to Magento 1?

sudo rm -rf var/cache var/generation var/di
sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade
sudo chown -R bitnami:bitnami .
sudo php bin/magento setup:di:compile
sudo php bin/magento cache:clean
sudo chmod 777 -R var/
sudo find ./pub/static -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;
sudo php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

These are for Magento 2 but I need to recompile and redeploy on my magento 1.7 store.


Magento 1 doesn't have a static content deploy system, or a DI system.

If you are using the compiler for magento 1 (you may not be) you can recompile with

php shell/compiler.php --compile

You can see if your compiler is enabled with

php shell/compiler.php --state
Compiler Status:          Disabled
Compilation State:        Not Compiled
Collected Files Count:    0
Compiled Scopes Count:    0

You can use the magerun tool to use the CLI for flushing caches and performing the database migrations if you like


magerun cache:flush
magerun sys:setup:run
magerun index:reindex:all

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