Anyone if you can help.

I can't find out where to upload my pics anymore in Magento

I don't know much about it, only a tiny bit.

I have no developer to help me. I used to be able to upload but now I can't find the button not sure where to go. Tried inserting a picture here of my screen but not able to.

Anyone know what it even looks like the button? I am in pages in the backend trying to edit it in the wysiwyg part.

I clicked on icon of tree to upload picture but I can't I can only insert pics not what I want.


You have 2 methods to upload images:


via FTP (like filezilla for example) and upload your images inside the media folder.

Via Image Upload on CMS Page / Static Block

You can upload images inside the editor at cms pages oder static blocks. Open cms > cms pages and choose or create a page. Inside the wysiwyg Editor you can click on Show/Hide Editor and at the image button. Here is the part you search for.

enter image description here


Follow Steps listed below:

  1. Click on "Show / Hide Editor".

  2. Click on "Insert Image..." button.

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