I have created my own function which is trigged for the event sales_order_status_history_save_after. What I wanted to do is, when a new comment is added, the system will get the latest order comment, and send it to customer.

I have tried using the following code,

    public function CommentSaveAfter()
            $history = $order->getStatusHistoryCollection()->getFirstItem();
            return $history->getComment();


However, this code only get me the last comment before the new one is added.

See screenshot, the code only get the last comment 4444, not 5555 when I click on "Submit Comment" enter image description here

How can I get the latest comment when click on Submit Comment with event sales_order_status_history_save_after ?

This question is not duplicated with Magento event for adding order comment

My problem is I can not get the comment I just added to the order comment, but only the latest comment from status_history. I have already managed to add my own function to the event sales_order_status_history_save_after. So it's different from the other question.


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Event to use when order comment is post

You can use sales_order_status_history_save_before or sales_order_status_history_save_afterand you will get the comment you are saving as an object using


Chances are that your collection is already loaded. I don't know if $order->getStatusHistoryCollection() returns a cached collection or not. Otherwise you could try resetting/reloading the collection:

$collection = $order->getStatusHistoryCollection();

Haven't tested it since I haven't touched Magento 1 in almost 2 year now.

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