I am running Magento 1.9 in a multiple store environment. I am trying to have the exact same design for every store, thus each store uses the same Theme.

However, I need to make some slight changes in the CSS files for a specific store,but at the moment it is not possible because the CSS resources are being shared among each store.

To address this issue, I have duplicated the theme in the following path:



And then from Admin>System>Design, I have told Magento to use customtheme2 to that specific store.

Now I can easily change the CSS file for that store.

My Question: Is this the correct (Standard) Approach to address my need?


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My answer for your question is: Yes. Magento does not know your different styles on each store are slight or big. You should have a default theme on your package, then you dont need to duplicate whole theme and skin folder. Just need

  • local.xml
  • css
  • images

If you need very small change to specific store no need to create 2nd theme just add store id in body class and change css.

please check: Add store code to body as class on all pages for detail






- default

- store_view (just overrides)


Yes, this is the right way to do it, Magento allows you to set one design for each view But, if it just to change CSS files, you can do it like this and this is fine, however if you also need to change templates, layouts, xml, images, etc... the best way to do it is to create a child theme which you specify the path in admin, this becomes more explicit useful and limits the errors.

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