I need to sort my custom attribute values in alphabetical order.

Magento ver. 2.1.2

Now my options are sorted by eav_attribute_option.sort_order and i need to sort them by eav_attribute_option_value.value.

I need this when I will create a new product and set 'series' of this product (166 different 'series' in random order now) from dropdown input.

I tried this: Configurable product attribute sort order in Dropdown 2.12 but it seems not working for me.

If I comment whole method public function getAttributeOptions($superAttribute, $productId). it seems not affect on website at all (so it's not in use I assume?) But I was looking for replace this class in di.xml but with no success.

How to manage with that?

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This one should work. Include this after getting your collection.

setOrder('your_custom_attribute', 'asc')

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