I'm using magmi 0.7.22 in a Magento

I need to import several images, and replace all the current images by the new ones.

I'm trying first with on single product and I see that it is working fine, except that the first media_gallery image is not imported.

The test csv is the following:


The import finishes without any error, but the image S1712400-5-10.jpg is not showing anywhere, though the other 2 following images are in it's place.

I checked that the image name is correct, and that it is in the same place as the other ones, but still the same result.

I cleared all the magento's caches, including the "catalog images cache" but see no change.

The same happens to all the products, the first image of the media_gallery is completely ignored.

  • You have of image this value "+/S1712400-5-10.jpg" and on media_gallery this value "/S1712400-2-10.jpg;/S1712400-3-10.jpg;/S1712400-4-10.jpg", the path of the images is not same. If you want to be sure the images will be uploaded in Magento then I recommend you to use it as follows: http://domain.com/images/image.jpg
    – St3phan
    Aug 16, 2017 at 13:01
  • the path is the same, the + is the exclude flag. + is to overwrite the image and - is to exclude the image.
    – Alex
    Aug 16, 2017 at 13:06

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I finally found the answer in this question: Import Multiple Images with Magmi

It seems there is some problem with Image attributes processor v1.0.33a image renaming.

To solve this go to itemprocessors and in the Image attributes processor v1.0.33a select configuration. Then empty the Image renaming and save.

This solved my problem.

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