I want to install sample data after successful magento setup.

What will be the process of installing sample data after magento installation in magento



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Install sample data before installing Magento, I have waste lot of time in this. Read official documentation to install sample data.

To import database via terminal use this command

mysql -u <db_user> -p <database> < sample.sql

mysql -u root -p  test < sample.sql

Magento1(or simply Magento) CE sample data must be installed before you install Magento CE. There is no way of installing it after Magento installation. Doing this after Magento installation would possibly overwrite a few tables which should be not. Please refer to https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/m1x/ce18-ee113/ht_magento-ce-sample.data.html


Sample data install after magento setup is easy, you have to copy folders of sample data and replace it with old folder of setup.

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