Linnworks report the issue with error message:

Consumer is not authorized to access %resources

Here is response from there request:https://www.example.com/rest/V1/stockItems/lowStock?scopeId=0&qty=100000000&pageSize=2000&currentPage=1

<message>Consumer is not authorized to access %resources</message>

We have not developed API but only created Admin-User required for linnworks and they are coming with these issues and here are few of them:

I have checked these threads already: Stack , akamai, Git Issue, mag2 and magento docs.

PS: I am not developing api/script and its all-about Linnworks and magento version: 2.1.3.

Please guide if someone face same issue with Linnworks or other platforms and what could be cause of this issue.


This issue was because of Rewrite condition of HTACCESS file.

Adding the below rewrite condition sorted out the issue:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/rest/V1/stockItems/lowStock/.*$

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